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Web3 & NFT Consulting

Dive into the cutting-edge realm of Web3 and NFTs with Julia Finkeissen, a pioneering consultant dedicated to demystifying the complexities of blockchain technology and digital assets. Her expert insights and strategic guidance pave the way for artists, collectors, and businesses to thrive in this new digital era.

Entrepreneurial Vision

Julia's entrepreneurial spirit is at the heart of her mission. She blends innovation with practical business acumen to help clients navigate and capitalize on emerging digital markets. Her approach is not just about technology; it's about creating a sustainable and prosperous future in the digital world.

Art Expertise

As an art connoisseur with a deep understanding of both classical and contemporary art, Julia offers a unique perspective on the intersection of art and technology. Her expertise extends beyond traditional art forms, encompassing the evolving landscape of digital art and its implications in the world of NFT

Engaging Speaker

Julia is not only a consultant and entrepreneur; she is also a captivating speaker. Her talks are filled with insights, personal anecdotes, and forward-thinking ideas, making complex subjects like blockchain and digital art both accessible and engaging for a wide range of audiences.

Join Julia in exploring the vibrant intersection of art, technology, and entrepreneurship. Discover how the digital revolution is redefining our perception of art and ownership in the 21st century. Get ready to be inspired, informed, and transformed!

The Metaverse: 
Unveiling the Future of Our Digital Existence

In her groundbreaking book, Julia Finkeissen delves into the fascinating world of the Metaverse, a concept poised to redefine the next phase of the Internet—Web3. This book offers a comprehensive exploration of how our physical and digital realities are merging to create an integrated experience. The Metaverse represents a revolutionary blend of the tangible and the virtual, encapsulating everything from augmented reality layers that enhance our physical world to entirely virtual environments. Julia Finkeissen, in collaboration with co-founder Thomas R. Koehler, offers expert consultancy through VIOVENTI ART, guiding organizations through the nuances of innovation, artificial intelligence, and the transition to a Web3-focused business model. While the full technological adoption of the Metaverse may still be a few years away, it's crucial for organizations to begin adapting now to this transformative way of conducting business.The shift towards the Metaverse signals a monumental transformation for both B2B and B2C sectors. In this new era, our virtual and physical realities are envisioned to intertwine seamlessly, allowing for fluid navigation between the two in our daily activities. As augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) technologies become more accessible and user-friendly, we anticipate a future where immersive digital experiences are an integral part of our everyday lives. Julia Finkeissen's book is an essential guide for anyone looking to understand and navigate this exciting new frontier.

Embracing the Future

Exploring the synergy between emerging technologies and art is my driving force. My enthusiasm thrives on collaborating with innovative young artists who bring their visions to life, be it through the tangible textures of the physical world or the boundless realms of digital creation. The concept of the metaverse fascinates me - it's a realm brimming with potential yet peppered with intriguing uncertainties. My approach is proactive and inquisitive, always eager to delve into new ventures. As an entrepreneur with a wealth of experience and a mother to seven children, decisiveness is second nature to me. My life revolves around the constant creation of new projects, ideas, and solutions for the future. This intrinsic passion aligns perfectly with the concept of the metaverse, which I see as an expansive extension of our world—a canvas for collective creativity. Together with my team, I'm excited to embark on a journey with you and your business into the metaverse, uncovering prosperous opportunities tailored to your needs. As a seasoned keynote speaker, I'm here to enlighten and inspire you about the possibilities that future technologies hold, and how they can be harnessed to elevate your business to new heights.

About Julia

Julia Finkeissen talks about her personal life story, her family life and her professional way as founder and advisor in all topics related to art and new technologies.

Art & Fashion 

Welcome to the world of artist and fashion designer Ines Valentinitsch! We present her latest works in Kitzbühel! You are invited to follow us into the funtastic world of the Austrian Alps!

3D Art in Munich

Vioventi Art presents Munich based artist Jakob Steiger latest art work on a new developed 3D screen in collaboration with United.screens.

Vioventi St.Moritz

Welcome to our VIOVENTI ART show of artists Ines Valentinitsch and Jakob Staiger in the heart of St. Moritz during the winter season 2022!

Vioventi Munich

Munich based artist Jakob Steiger gives insights into his life as digital artist with a strong philosophical background.

Vioventi Art

The Journey of

Art is not just a part of my life; it is a passion that permeates every aspect of my existence. Based in Munich and deeply connected to my chosen home of Tyrol, I've dedicated myself to the vibrant world of contemporary art. In 2017, I founded VIOVENTI ART Development, an initiative focused on crafting and implementing innovative concepts in art and culture. My work involves advising individuals and corporations on acquiring contemporary art pieces that resonate with their vision. At VIOVENTI ART, we are more than just advisors. We conceive and curate captivating art exhibitions, facilitate artist talks, and orchestrate engaging cultural events. Our expertise extends to solving intricate challenges related to art presentation and collection structuring, covering both curatorial and legal aspects. Our rich experience in working with various organizations, foundations, and companies has honed our ability to offer comprehensive solutions in the art world. Our extensive network, deeply rooted in the art community and extending far beyond, allows VIOVENTI ART to create dynamic formats that foster networking opportunities well outside the traditional art sphere. We are committed to promoting young, emerging artists and bringing their work into the spotlight, thereby enriching the cultural landscape and inviting a wider audience to experience the transformative power of contemporary art.

Let´s talk about... Web3 & generative Artificial Intelligence

 Julia is a trailblazer in the dynamic world of Web3 and NFTs. As a seasoned entrepreneur and art expert, Julia is at the forefront of integrating cutting-edge technology with the timeless beauty of art. Her expertise in the NFT space is unmatched, offering bespoke consulting services that help artists, collectors, and businesses navigate the exciting possibilities of the blockchain. Julia’s journey in the digital art world is underpinned by a deep passion for innovation and creativity. Her entrepreneurial spirit has led her to be a part of numerous successful ventures, constantly pushing the boundaries of what's possible in the digital art and Web3 space. Her insights and strategies have been instrumental in shaping the future of digital art ownership and distribution. As a speaker, Julia captivates audiences with her in-depth knowledge and engaging storytelling. She demystifies the complex world of NFTs and blockchain, making it accessible and exciting for everyone, from art enthusiasts to tech professionals. Her talks are a journey through the evolving landscape of digital art, peppered with personal anecdotes and professional wisdom. Join Julia Finkeissen in exploring the intersection of art and technology. Whether you are an artist looking to step into the world of NFTs, a collector seeking unique digital masterpieces, or a business aiming to incorporate Web3 technologies, Julia's expertise will guide you through this revolutionary journey.

About Julia

Julia Finkeissen, who holds a Diploma in Economics from the University of Heidelberg and an Executive MBA from IESE Business School, is an accomplished IT entrepreneur and a seasoned professional in her family's real estate venture since 2004. She harbors a deep-seated enthusiasm for contemporary and digital art. Through Vioventi Art, her enterprise, she delivers expert advisory services to both individuals and corporations on contemporary art, NFTs, and the burgeoning sphere of AI-driven/metaverse art. At Hankou University in Wuhan, China, Finkeissen dedicates her time to exploring digital innovations as a research professor. Her literary contributions include the January 2023 release of "Chefsache Metaverse," co-authored with IT specialist Thomas R. Köhler, offering insights into navigating the web3 space. Continuing this collaborative effort, she and Köhler are offering a hands-on guide for corporations on generative artificial intelligence, "Business 5.0", to be published by Campus  in January 2024. Finkeissen's expertise, encapsulated in her publications and advisory services, is a valuable asset for businesses, particularly SMEs and startups, steering through the dynamic digital marketplace. In 2023, she added to her credentials by earning the Board Academy certification, complementing her role as a board member.  Balancing her professional endeavors, she is also the mother of seven children, ages 9 to 21, and divides her time between Starnberg Lake, Bavaria,  and Kitzbühel, Austria.

Newly released: 
"Business 5.0", Campus, Jan 24

The breakthrough for artificial intelligence (AI) is finally here. But doubts about this "cure-all" technology like ChatGPT are warranted.
In our new book, Thomas R. Koehler and I provide an assessment of current AI technologies, ruthlessly separating hype from reality. We equip business leaders with the tools to meaningfully implement AI in their companies:
"Business 5.0. The Practical Guide to Artificial Intelligence in Business – Opportunities and Risks", outlines seven steps for establishing viable AI projects in organizations, with concrete examples for various industries and business functions.
The focus is on implementing AI in a sustainable way that provides long-term value.
While AI promises exciting new capabilities, a measured, strategic approach is needed to realize its benefits while managing risks and limitations. This book offers practical guidance for business leaders to thoughtfully integrate AI and position their companies for the future.
"Business 5.0," published by Campus Verlag, is the second book that Thomas R. Köhler and I have co-authored together. As an established team of business partners and researchers, we pool our expertise in this new publication to provide valuable insights on implementing artificial intelligence strategies in organizations. With our previous experience collaborating and writing together, we are well-positioned to deliver an informative book that guides leaders on the strategic use of AI to drive business value.

"Chefsache METAVERSE", Campus, 2023

My book together with Co-author Thomas Koehler, published in January 2023 by Campus Verlag: 
"Chefsache Metaverse. NFT, Blockchain, AR, VR: How to navigate the Web3 safely - A practical book for companies".

The next big thing!

Metaverse - Mega Opportunity?

In 2021, the Facebook Group announces its renaming to "Meta". What initially sounded like a simple name change could revolutionize not only the Internet, but also the entire economy. Companies such as Adidas and the retail giant Walmart have already set up their first stores in the Metaverse. Car manufacturer Audi is working on the Metaverse for passengers. And that is just the beginning.
Internet experts Finkeissen and Koehler explain the most important building blocks of the metaverse and Web3 in an easy-to-understand manner. They provide concrete recommendations for action for companies and describe the new opportunities and risks of the metaverse and the underlying technologies - without false hype and always with a view to benefits and application potential.

The first Metaverse practice book for companies.

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Julia Finkeissen

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