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Exploring Tomorrow's Potential Today: A Journey with Julia Finkeissen

My life's journey is guided by a fascination with the potential of today's developments to become tomorrow's revolutions. This 'red thread' in my life is about identifying the future potential in current trends and then diving into research and experimentation to bring that potential to life.

The Metaverse: Pioneering the New Internet

My commitment to the Metaverse is a reflection of this passion. I have immersed myself deeply in its concepts and potentials, understanding its role as the next iteration of the Internet. In my book "Chefsache Metaverse," co-authored with Prof. Thomas Köhler, I explore what the Metaverse means for businesses and users. I observe people adeptly navigating between the "Realverse" and the Metaverse, creating connections, conducting business, learning, and more. This evolution presents exciting new opportunities for businesses, reminiscent of the early days of the Internet.

Art: A Different Passion with a Similar Vision

In the realm of art, my entrepreneurial spirit takes shape through "Vioventi Art," where I focus on contemporary and digital art, including NFTs. My ability to identify the potential in artists and artworks has led me to invest my resources in elevating their recognition. My track record of accurate predictions in this field is augmented by my academic work on digital solutions in the art market at the Center for International Innovation at Hankou University.

Balancing Family and Career

Regarding the balance of family and career, I've found my harmony. Desiring a large family, I am now the proud mother of seven, most of whom are already independent. This strong sense of family has never hindered my entrepreneurial success.

My Offer to You

Having founded and led multiple companies, I now offer my expertise in future technologies as a consultant and keynote speaker. Let's collaborate to discover how your business can effectively utilize the Metaverse today.

On my LinkedIn feed I regularly postsnews around Artificial Intelligence, the Metaverse and Digital Art:


What others say...

She is committed to the foundation idea, combines art with technology, is active in the start-up scene. Prof. Julia Finkeissen, the graduate economist and mother of 7 children, is a power woman as written in books!

📌 Startup Founder & Managing Director of Medrapid GmbH. The company develops solution concepts for healthcare in a digital future.

➡️ Expert in classical masters, contemporary and digital art. A collector herself, she founded her own online gallery, where she advises companies and private collectors on setting up and organizing their art collections, curates exhibitions and moderates artist talks.

📌Benefit from her expertise in art marketing and building art collections. “You can only make profits if you know what you are investing in.”

➡️ In her gallery you will find a top-class selection of exclusive and limited works of art. If you are interested in commissioned work, Vioventi.Art will take over the complete project management for you.

📌 NFT Art - Digital is the new trend on the art market! How NFTs make works of art forgery-proof and collector's items worth millions. Prof. Finkeissen researches and analyzes new marketing methods in the digital age.

➡️ Vioventi Art gallery is the contact point for young artists. Prof. Finkeissen supports you in gaining a foothold in the art market and becoming economically successful.

I love new technologies. I love new ideas that have the power to shape a better future.
Julia Finkeissen 

Julia Finkeissen, who holds a Diploma in Economics from the University of Heidelberg and an Executive MBA from IESE Business School, is an accomplished IT entrepreneur and a seasoned professional in her family's real estate venture since 2004. She harbors a deep-seated enthusiasm for contemporary and digital art. Through Vioventi Art, her enterprise, she delivers expert advisory services to both individuals and corporations on contemporary art, NFTs, and the burgeoning sphere of AI-driven/metaverse art. At Hankou University in Wuhan, China, Finkeissen dedicates her time to exploring digital innovations as a research professor. Her literary contributions include the January 2023 release of "Chefsache Metaverse," co-authored with IT specialist Thomas R. Köhler, offering insights into navigating the web3 space. Continuing this collaborative effort, she and Köhler are offering a hands-on guide for corporations on generative artificial intelligence, "Business 5.0", to be published by Campus in January 2024. Finkeissen's expertise, encapsulated in her publications and advisory services, is a valuable asset for businesses, particularly SMEs and startups, steering through the dynamic digital marketplace. In 2023, she added to her credentials by earning the Board Academy certification, complementing her role as a board member. Balancing her professional endeavors, she is also the mother of seven children, ages 9 to 21, and divides her time between Starnberg Lake, Bavaria, and Kitzbühel, Austria.

Art is my passion and the best thing to inspire, motivate and enhance my life. Being together with young artists helps me see the world from ever different angles.
Julia Finkeissen

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