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A new implementation of reality

The future is already there!

What fascinates me are things that develop today and can become powerful tomorrow. This is a "red thread" that runs through my entire life. I recognize in current developments what potential they have. Then I act, research, try it out.

That is why I am committed to the Metaverse. I've already gone deep mentally, I have enough touchpoints and I'm convinced: this will be the new Internet. I have published what this means for companies and users in my book "Chefsache Metaverse", which I wrote together with Prof. Thomas Köhler. I know people who effortlessly jump between the "Realverse" and Metaverse, find new contacts, do business, store and educate themselves. This development is highly interesting for companies, because the Metaverse will create new, lucrative business areas. Similar to the Internet a few years ago. 

Similar background, different passion: art. As an entrepreneur, I run "Vioventi Art" and am dedicated to contemporary and digital art (e.g. NFTs). I recognize the potential of artists and artworks. That's why I invest time and money to help them get the attention they deserve. I have developed a keen eye for this and have often been right with my predictions. As a research professor, I also do academic work on digital solutions in the art market (Center for International Innovation at Hankou University).

Children and career? I solved this issue for myself many years ago. I always wanted a big family and am the proud mother of seven children. Most of them have long since fledged and left the nest. Nevertheless, my sense of family has never hindered me from being successful as an entrepreneur.

I have founded many companies in my life, still actively lead some of them and offer my knowledge around future technologies as a consultant and keynote speaker. Let's discover together how your business can leverage the Metaverse right now.

Innovation in the Metaverse

The Metaverse: brand-new and mysterious or our new second and fully digital life? In her new book, Julia Finkeissen explores the full spectrum of the next era of the Internet: Web3. The metaverse is the seamless convergence of our physical and digital lives that will bring people, spaces, and things together in virtual or augmented digital worlds. This includes augmented visual layers added on top of our physical reality as well as virtual worlds. Together with her co-founder Thomas R. Koehler, Julia Finkeisen consults organizations in all questions regarding innovation, AI and the shift to a web3 business of the future with her company VIOVENTI ART. Even though the usage of the metaverse will technologically still take several years, it is of high importance for every organisation to take the first step now into a completely new way of doing business. B2B as well as B2C will experience a Hugh transformation where our virtual and physical worlds may have merged in a way that we freely navigate between them in our daily lives, with AR and VR technologies becoming more accessible and affordable, and with users becoming more comfortable and confident in living immersive digital experiences.

My world

New technologies and art are my passion! I love to work with young artists that create new things, either digital or in real life with a haptic touch and feeling. The metaverse is exciting and new, promising, yet full of questions. I am always curious, hands-on and want to get things going. Being an experienced entrepreneur and mother of seven own children I am used to take decisions. To me, life is always about creating new things, new projects, new ideas, future solutions. That's why I love the idea of a metaverse as an extended version of this world that we all can build together! My team and I will go on a journey to the metaverse with you and your enterprise and explore new, prosperous solutions for your business. As experienced keynote speaker, I will inspire you about all future technologies and what how they can serve you and your business.

About Julia

Julia Finkeissen talks about her personal life story, her family life and her professional way as founder and advisor in all topics related to art and new technologies.

Art & Fashion 

Welcome to the world of artist and fashion designer Ines Valentinitsch! We present her latest works in Kitzbühel! You are invited to follow us into the funtastic world of the Austrian Alps!

3D Art in Munich

Vioventi Art presents Munich based artist Jakob Steiger latest art work on a new developed 3D screen in collaboration with United.screens.

Vioventi St.Moritz

Welcome to our VIOVENTI ART show of artists Ines Valentinitsch and Jakob Staiger in the heart of St. Moritz during the winter season 2022!

Vioventi Munich

Munich based artist Jakob Steiger gives insights into his life as digital artist with a strong philosophical background.

Digital Art & NFT Expert

Collector, curator and promoter of young contemporary art - the subject of art is omnipresent my life. I am Munich-based and Tirolean by choice. With the 2017 founded VIOVENTI ART Development, I develop and realize concepts in the field of art and culture and advise private individuals as well as companies in the purchase of contemporary art. VIOVENTI ART conceives and curates art exhibitions, moderates artist talks and events. Thanks to many years of experience in organizations, foundations and companies, Vioventi Art finds solutions for all questions concerning the presentation of art, collection structure, both curatorial as well as legal basis. Thanks to its network in the art scene and far beyond, Vioventi Art creates stimulating formats that invite networking far beyond art.

Keynote Speaker
Metaverse, Web3,
Future Technologies

Julia is an experienced keynote speaker. Her relaxed, pragmatic manner brings people closer to all topics of our digital future, the metaverse, web3, digital art and NFT. With several examples from life and her everyday life as an experienced entrepreneur and mother of teenagers and young adults, she knows what interests and moves the next generation.

About Julia

Prof. Julia Finkeissen, MBA is a serial IT founder, entrepreneur and angel investor. Her passion is contemporary and digital art. In her company Vioventi Art, she advises companies and private individuals on all matters relating to contemporary art, NFTs and art in the metaverse. Finkeissen researches on digital future solutions in the art market in her research professorship at Hankou University (Wuhan,China). She is a passionate mother of 7 children. 
On her LinkedIn feed she regularly posts news around Web3, NFT and the Metaverse. 

 "Chefsache METAVERSE", Campus, 2023

My book together with Co-author Thomas Koehler will be published in January 2023 by Campus Verlag: 
"Chief issue Metaverse. NFT, Blockchain, AR, VR: How to navigate the Web3 safely - A practical book for companies".

The next big thing!

Metaverse - Mega Opportunity?

In 2021, the Facebook Group announces its renaming to "Meta". What initially sounded like a simple name change could revolutionize not only the Internet, but also the entire economy. Companies such as Adidas and the retail giant Walmart have already set up their first stores in the Metaverse. Car manufacturer Audi is working on the Metaverse for passengers. And that is just the beginning.
Internet experts Finkeissen and Koehler explain the most important building blocks of the metaverse and Web3 in an easy-to-understand manner. They provide concrete recommendations for action for companies and describe the new opportunities and risks of the metaverse and the underlying technologies - without false hype and always with a view to benefits and application potential.

The first Metaverse practice book for companies.

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Julia Finkeissen

E-mail: julia@finkeissen.com